Lake Country

Lake Country

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Lake Country has an emerging trail network with multiple sites identified for future development. The first location features a recently developed trail network at Jack Seaton Park. This is a multi use municipal park located just off of Camp Road new Tyndall in Lake Country.

There are currently three mountain bike designated trails including an up track, a flow trail, a jump trail and a forthcoming tech trail to be completed summer of 2024. Users can access the park’s trails from the main parking lot and take the multi-use trail up to the south east corner of the park.

This trail system will be part of a larger development plan over the next few years. It will eventually include linking to the upcoming trails being built as part of the Lake Stone Summit phase and the designated bike park to be located on the south aspect of Beacon Hill.

Since 2021, Lake Country Riders has been collaborating with the District of Lake Country on the development of trails in the local community. Now as part of MTBCO the group expects to play an even greater role in developing the trail network in the region, identifying new zoness, providing input on trail improvements and hosting community events.

Lake Country Statistics

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