Video: Logan Williams - Rider: Tyler Summers

The original free ride trails

The mountain bike trail network known as “Gillard” has been recently adopted by the provincial government and is now managed by Rec Sites and Trails BC (RSTBC). MTBCO has a partnership agreement with RSTBC to maintain and develop the Gillard network. Previous to the partnership agreement, Gillard has been threatened by provincial remediation and industry development. Since Gillard trail builders have always been represented on MTBCO’s Board of Directors, preserving Gillard’s lineage as a freeride destination has always been the vision of MTBCO.

The Gillard trails began it's development during the dawn of freeride mountain biking of the late 90's. All the trails are shuttle access and require an enduro/freeride/DH bike. The trails are focused on the intermediate to expert rider. You will find just about everything at Gillard; Fast single track, wooded features, gap jumps, skinnies, rock gardens, slabs, etc.

The climb trails at Gillard, MTBCO's most extensive project yet, took three years to complete. Building it involved a comprehensive process, including advocacy, fundraising, environmental and archaeological studies, as well as the dedication of hundreds of volunteer hours.

To maintain the partnership agreement, MTBCO is committed to performing trail inspections and maintenance, ensuring the trails meet RSTBC’s trail standards, and developing the network to meet the needs of its users. As a trail society, MTBCO depends on its volunteer directors and community membership to meet these requirements. Cognitive trail construction, community trail maintenance days, and voicing the needs of the riding community is MTBCO’s foundation to Gillard’s success.

Gillard Statistics

KMs of Trail
Highest Trailhead
Green Trail
Blue Trail
Black Trail
Double Black Trail