We are a progressive, volunteer driven non-profit association with a mission to lead sustainable and inclusive mountain biking opportunities in and around Kelowna.

The Directors at MTBCO are community members that are dedicated to MTBCO’s goals to build, maintain and advocate for mountain biking in Kelowna and the Central Okanagan. Give a director a high five when you see them out on the trails, as they volunteer a significant amount of their time to improve your riding.

We would like to acknowledge and honour the Syilx tmixʷ (Okanagan) people on whose traditional land we recreate and enjoy.


  • David Gluzman

    David Gluzman


    Bikes have been a part of my life forever. I used to race (road and track mostly), but have the most fun mountain biking. Moved to Kelowna in 2020 from Calgary. I’m absolutely floored by the diversity of trails available around Kelowna. We have access to some world class trails and I’m excited to help advocate and improve things where I can. I'm stoked about the climb trail at Gillard! I'm still getting used to how fast you need to change tires on our trails. They are hungry!

  • Cam Lainchbury

    Cam Lainchbury

    Vice President

    I moved to Kelowna from Grande Prairie in 98. Started biking as physio for a skateboard injury and fell in love with the trail networks here. When the fires in 2003 wiped out a lot of the network, I got together with a group of good friends to rebuild. Over the years, I have put my handiwork into numerous trails in Kelowna and will continue to for as many years as possible. I joined the MTBCO board of directors 10 years ago to help get the trail network that I spend most of my time on legalized, and will continue to push for the support of trails. Without trails there would be no fun and no one wants that. Here's to the good times and the good trails! Cheers!

  • Diane Oorebeek

    Diane Oorebeek

    Events & Community

    I joined the MTBCO Board of Directors in 2020 to help grow membership and overall engagement. I look forward to my second term, this time with a focus on event planning and community engagement. I started mountain biking at an older age than I care to admit and it has been life changing as I work hard to catch up. I am grateful for the opportunity to give back, build new connections, and continue learning.

  • Ryan McKenna

    Ryan McKenna


    It was a life changing moment that night at Baxter's Bar&Grill. It was 1999 and the floor was packed with mountain bikers eager to see the premier of Kranked 2. That film changed the way I wanted to ride bikes. The dawn of the freeride era was here and it was time to build trails. I started building at Gillard alongside the original builders in 2000. In 2003 our beloved trails were lost to a wildfire and I spent the following years reopening trails with hopes of bringing the network back to the popularity we once enjoyed. Soon after, I joined the first board of directors for MTBCO. As family and career became priority, I had to step away from trail building but always found time to ride my bike. Now 2020, I have jumped fists first back into the seat with MTBCO. My main role is working with Rec Site & Trails BC to preserve Gillard as the freeride destination it is known for, bringing the trails up to current standards and planning for a sustainable future. I would like to thank the past MTBCO directors for all the leg work done to get us here. These are exciting times and I'm looking forward to the future of mountain bike trails in the Central Okanagan.

  • Cameron Worman

    Cameron Worman

    Director at large

    I moved back to Kelowna 15 years ago after spending 12 years living in Whistler, spending most of my days riding or skiing. I have always loved cycling of all types… but mountain biking is where my passion for two wheels really lies. As part of the original Crankworx event management team, I helped to establish the groundwork for what is arguably one of the most popular mountain bike events in the world. Now that I spend as much time as possible riding the amazing trail networks in the Central Okanagan with my family and friends, I look forward to helping shape not only our trail networks, but also to grow the mountain bike community.

  • Andrew Draper

    Andrew Draper

    Director at Large

    Shelley and I moved to Kelowna with our young family in 1996. I had previously competed in a few triathlons but primarily I was a runner, preferably on trails. My first real mountain biking experience was Race the Rockies, an annual multidisciplinary adventure race held for several years around Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. After a few bike upgrades and lots of experience (crashes) on the trails I was beginning to feel comfortable. Things really improved when Shelley got her first mountain bike and we started riding together. The trails in and around Kelowna are fantastic and we have ridden around BC, with trips to Utah and Arizona to warm up for the season.

  • Susan Moran

    Susan Moran


    I have lived in Kelowna since 1986 and frequently have hiked the Crawford trails with my previous and current dogs. Having often met a friend of mine on her mountain bike, I thought I might enjoy cruising the trails in addition to riding my road bike through the streets of Kelowna. In 2019, I bought a mountain bike and am hooked. I have really enjoyed meeting new friends through group lessons and rides. As a retired CPA, taking over the Treasurer’s position is a way I can give back to the biking community.

  • Aimee King

    Aimee King

    Communications & Events

    I moved to Kelowna from Ottawa in 2021 to follow my love of mountains & wine! I’ve been in the ski & bike community my whole life, but only started mountain biking in 2019. When I moved to Kelowna I joined ladies’ group rides and then joined the MTBCO Events Committee to begin to build my mountain bike community out here. I’ve made some amazing friends so far and love meeting new people on every ride! I’m excited to help build our membership and the overall MTB community in the Okanagan through our platform and events.

  • Anton Platz

    Anton Platz

    Director at Large

    Originally from Calgary, Alberta I moved to the Okanagan in 2019 after finding a practicum placement. A close friend dragged me into mountain biking during the summer of 2015 and I have been absolutely stoked about it since. I love participating in bike events and races, meeting new bike people, and drooling over all the new bikes, gear, and components. When I'm not zipping through town or on the trails, you will find me out camping in my Bongo Friendee, out with friends at a local brewery or hanging at the beach.

  • Jordan Bell

    Jordan Bell


    Grew up on the the east coast dreaming of biking in BC, finally made the move from Calgary to Kelowna in 2021. I ride my bike as much as possible, my riding style is pretty aggressive/freeridey but also enjoy longer ‘adventure’ type rides. My professional background is quality management in the consumer packaged goods industry. Looking forward to projects like the Gillard up trail and improving the Hollywood (mission creek) jump park and gaining knowledge of the administration and regulatory side of MTBCO.

  • Catherine LeBlanc

    Catherine LeBlanc


    Growing up in Halifax, Nova Scotia I didn’t have the opportunity to explore the mountains until I moved out west in 2017. Originally landing in Calgary and in 2021 making the move to the beautiful Kelowna. Being a city girl my entire life this was a big change! Last season I started riding an old out-of-date hardtail through the trail system and fell in love! This season I am excited to have an out-of-date dual suspension to ride! This is my first year with MTBCO and I am so excited to be more involved with the bike community. Being new to a city and starting a new activity can be extremely intimidating but the biking community has been some of the most welcoming and friendly people. Bikes are for everyone and I am excited to inspire more people to get on two wheels through our online social platforms, and events!