Trail Information

Are you looking for sweet single track? Epic descents? Technical climbs? Scenic vistas?

The Central Okanagan has it all!

Like many local clubs around the world we are working closely with to deliver up to date trail maps and trail condition information to locals and visitors alike!

Below are the area map and trail list for the Central Okanagan. We hope you enjoy exploring the many local trail systems. If your a local we’d appreciate your support through the purchasing of a membership, coming to our events and helping out on trail days! If your visiting from somewhere close by or far away then donate to our efforts through Trail Karma!

Happy Trails!

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**Disclaimer – Not all of these trails are within legalized trail systems and many are not regularly maintained. These maps are provided as a navigational service only and there is no guarantee of trail suitability or of rider safety**

**MTBco is working closely with local and provincial governmental agencies to legalize the unformalized networks but this is a long process and in the interim please practice safe riding by checking any and all trail features before riding**