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MTBco 3rd Annual Poker Ride

3rd Annual Poker Ride and Kids Skills & Ride

Sunday June 8th 2014


Poker Ride and BBQ

Register at 10am in the Crawford parking lot at Stuart Rd E.  The poker ride starts at 10:30 and will feature 6 check points along the Lost Lake and Pink Hwy trails.  Prizes to be awarded at 1:30.  Must be a MTBco member to participate in the event.  Annual memberships available on site for only $25/single or $45/family.  $5 BBQ lunch from 12-1:30.

Kids Ride and Skill Camp

Why have all the fun yourself??  Bring your kids to experience a basic skills session from 10:30-11 and then a kid-friendly ride from 11-12.  $5 drop-in fee for those without a family membership.  $5 BBQ lunch from 12-1:30.


Download the MTBCO 3rd Annual Poker Ride Poster (PDF)


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By now many of you have heard the unfortunate news that there have been trespass and Forest and Range Practices Act contravention notices posted on various trail works within the Gillard trail network. These notices were posted by individuals from the local compliance and enforcement office of the ministry of forests, land and natural resource operations. It is their job to police the wilderness and ensure that activities undertaken on crown land don’t contravene the various pieces of legislature that govern the use of our natural resources whether the use be industrial or recreational in purpose.

It has always been a goal of MTBco to work toward the legalization of the various illegal trail networks that exist within the Central Okanagan. Over time we as an organization and the riding community in general have faltered on accomplishing this goal and that has led us to where we stand today. We now have a well used and popular trail network that is in jeopardy of being lost.

Three years ago the board of directors of MTBco began the process of steering the organization down a path that would allow us to renew the fight to legalize our beloved trail networks.

There were a couple key things we needed to do to prepare the club and that we have since accomplished:

1. We began conversations with various other organizations and levels of local and regional government to help build support and alliances.

2. We got the club turned around financially so that we now have some capital reserves and a steady cash flow.

3. We increased our profile both within the riding community and with other trail users, as well as with the general public.

4. We began to strengthen our relationships with the local bike shops and their employees so we have a better line of communication with the riding community.

The final piece to the trail legalization puzzle was the opening up of a direct line of communication to the trail building community and to get them completely on board with the trail legalization process. This was the final step that we were working on this spring before the contravention and trespass notices were posted in Gillard. As they say timing is everything, our notice of intent for reapplication for the legalization of Gillard was to be sent out the same week that the first trespass and contravention notices were posted. The unfortunate reality of these circumstances is that now we reacting when we were trying to be proactive.

What does this all mean for the future of Gillard and the future of legal mountain biking in the Central Okanagan? As it stands our notice for reapplication to have Gillard sanctioned as a legal network has been given support by our local recreation sites and trails official. This means we can move forward with applying for trail legalization under Section 57 of the Forest and Ranges Practices Act with his support. This is a restart of a process that the first board of directors of MTBco began when the club was initially formed. The application will take time and what will happen in the near future while it is processed is unknown. But rest assured we will take every step necessary to secure as many of the local trails as we can.

More than ever we now need your support. We will be soliciting your help in many forms and for many purposes in the days to come. When we do our callouts for support please respond accordingly! If you usually buy a yearly membership then please do so sooner than later so our membership numbers are as significant as they can be. If you don’t usually buy a membership then perhaps this is the year you should think about it. Much of our membership fees go towards funding our future endeavours as most of our events are run break even and the bike shops are generous in providing us with yearly sponsorship funding. We can proudly say that every local shop provides MTBco with the same level of support and we owe them greatly for it. So please give them your business, without them we wouldn’t still be here as a club.

Finally, We ask that everyone remain positive and rational in reacting to this situation. We all want to save the trails and MTBco is the tool we have to do the job we just need your help to make sure we have the community behind us to undertake this grand endeavour.

If anyone has any questions or concerns or words of wisdom please feel free to email is – [email protected] is our q&a email address.


Jay Darby

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AGM Recap

For those of you who were unable to attend our 2014 AGM which was held in the first week of February we would like to briefly recap the happenings so you all of our membership and the public can be in the know!

The following presentations were made at the AGM:

  • Barb Davidson and Amy Nyhof from the City of Kelowna presented the updated plans for the continued redevelopment of the mountain bike trail network on Knox Mountain.
  • Ryan Elphick from BC Parks conducted a presentation on the planning and decision making processes used within the BC Parks system and how this effects what volunteer organizations like ours can do within a BC Park.
  • Jay Darby our 2013 outgoing Secretary/Chairperson presented a review of MTBco’s 2013 activities and the 2013 boards proposed plans for 2014.

Highlights from the MTBco 2013 in review presentation:

In 2013 MTBco had a very successful year in regards to the events portion of our activities. We continued our popular toonie ride series but added Crawford (Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park) as a new location. The shop hosts were very supportive of the toonie ride series as they always are, we are very grateful for their financial contributions and sweat equity! We also held our second annual Crawford Kickoff and it went off spectacularly with an updated poker ride and wicked BBQ. Our membership remained stable and we saw a lot of new faces out at events and on trails days.

In regards to the bike park, concerted efforts were made to more actively engage the community in the continuation of efforts to increase the appeal of the park to a broader audience. The bike park is still a work in progress and we would encourage anyone with ideas to come forward and contribute.

For trail days in 2013 we continued our revitalization of hillbilly in crawford. We conducted four successful trail days and the sections of trail we worked on came out looking amazing and added some bits of flow of the trail. We also created ride-arounds for a few of the more technical areas making this wonderful piece of single track accessible to a slightly broader number of cyclists.

In 2013 we also continued to be active in our role as the advocacy group for mountain bikers by helping plan and promote appropriate trail development and ensuring mountain bikers have a voice at the table in regards to the City of Kelowna and the RDCO parks systems. We were invited to consult on Phase 2 of the Knox Mountain redevelopment plan and in conjunction with planners from the city we were able to conduct multiple site visits to provide important insight into proper trail construction to ensure work that is done and trails that are constructed will be fun and exciting.

That’s about it for the recap, we will be letting everyone in on our plans for 2014 as soon as we have sorted out a couple dates and details. As always we will be running our toonie ride series and the crawford kick-off will be happening once again. The season ender sender will also return but perhaps with a twist!

The 2014 meeting minutes and a copy of the slideshow are accessible through the MTBCO tab in the website menu (look up!)


Jay Darby

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2014 AGM!

Its that time of year again!

If you are involved in the local mountain bike community, or would like to be – this is a great chance to come out and hear what your local mountain bike club has been up to for the past year.

Here is what it will be:

  • Summary of 2013
  • Plans for 2014
  • Question period

When: Thursday, February 6, 2014

Time: 7:00pm

Where: EECO Center 2363A Springfield Road

More details on the facebook event page.

A Huge Thanks To Our Sponsors:

Lake Country Cycle, Sovereign Cycle, Rock ‘N Road, Fresh Air, ChainLine Cycle, Outbound Cycle, Kelowna Cycle, Wild Mountain, Cyclepath, Winn Rentals, Tree Brewing, Kelowna Insta Print, Sean Kelly Law

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MTBco Events Poster

Our poster of events can be seen throughout the city, including all the bike shops in West Kelowna, Kelowna and Lake Country.

MTBco Poster of Events 2013

Requires Adobe PDF Viewer

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MTBco AGM 2013

When: Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Time: 7:00pm until 8:30pm


Its that time of year again!

If you are involved in the local mountain bike community, or would like to be – this is a great chance to come out and hear what your local mountain bike club has been up to for the past year.

Here is what it will be:

  • Summary of 2012
  • Plans for 2013
  • Question period

Following the meeting we will be screening Where the Trail Ends for anyone who wants to stick around and watch it.

More details on the facebook event page.

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Watch Redbull Rampage at Avenue Pub

UPDATE: The event time has changed to 11:00-1:00 due to air time scheduling conflict with a UFC fight.

Facebook Event:!/events/272417772880900/

**Please note that this event is NOT sponsored by Red Bull as we are a Playboy Energy house and there will be no Red Bull available. This event is sponsored by Arbonne**

Red Bull Rampage 2012 is airing on Saturday, December 8th at 5pm PST. We will be showing the movie at Avenue on all of our screens from 5pm – 7pm.

Arbonne is sponsoring this event so bring your Christmas list for those you have to buy for and get your Christmas shopping finished at the same time!
Every order gets you a FREE DRINK!

**Doors will be open at an earlier time of 4:30pm**

Facebook Event:!/events/272417772880900/

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Random Trail Clearing

Let me start off by saying it was a gorgeous day today!  December 1st and the sun was out, and the temperatures mild; an excellent day for a ride – and some trail clearing.

After a night ride with a couple of friends last Wednesday, we found there were quite a few trees down; a couple on Crawford Trail, many on Astrid and many more on Hillbilly.  We couldn’t move them all during our ride, (in fact, I don’t think I bothered to move any), so I decided to take advantage of the nice day today and work off a few extra calories that I know I’m going to add during the upcoming Holiday Season.  I packed the saw and rode up with our youngest dog Porthos.

After a tough climb up (mostly due to the ground being soft from the mild day) Astrid had a fair number of trees down.  It felt like every time I packed the saw back in my pack…more trees!

Hillbilly ended up with the most trees and I was too busy working away to bother taking any photos here.  There were many trees down, and while I was at it I cut back a few of the old cuts that were really close the the trail.  I managed to cut down a few pedal-catching stumps too!

As a side note, that ride-around that Andrew cut in on the last trail day to get around the technical rock section is sweet!  I usually ride the tech sections, but decided to try out this line and it is fun.  The bypass lower down to get around the swampy area that we put in that same day flows really well with the trail too.

Back on topic.  After finishing Hillbilly, I headed over to Boris as I knew there were two or three trees that had fallen in the last month.  Well, someone beat me to it and cleared those trees.  Thank-you, whomever you are!  I decided that since my chain was a little dull by this point, I gave it a quick sharpen and attacked some of the shrubs that whip you as you ride through.  Here’s what a small section looked like part way through the work:

And then after:

Although I didn’t finish, mostly because I started getting tired and hungry, it’s looking much better.  The trimming I did back in the spring lower down on Boris is still holding for the most part, but it is starting to grow back in.

On the way down, I got caught up in the moment, and still getting used to riding a fully-rigid bike with big tires, I got a little too zesty and ended up bouncing and crashing into some shrubs and small trees.  I saved it, mostly, but sadly, well, as we know the first scratch is the hardest to take:

– Geoff

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Hillbilly Trail Day (October 2012)

It was a successful day even though only 4 of us were present.  Andrew (MTBco), Geoff (MTBco), Ken (Foss), and Ryan McKenna.

Ryan and Geoff hiked up and cut in a bypass around the swamp area (bottom of upper hillbilly) so hopefully in the spring we don’t have to walk around the mud.

Andrew worked on cleaning up upper hillbilly, creating an easy-out ride around for the technical rock section.

Ken rode his bike up towing the brush cutter and other tools; he was going to do “what needs to be done”.  I’ll update this post once I learn more about his day.

[UPDATE] : I just heard from Andrew that he went up to Hillbilly on Monday and worked until dark.  He cleared and brushed from the top to where it meets Race Classic as well as the connector trail leading to Pink Highway.  The ride around for the tech section is almost done.


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Toonie Ride Times

Here’s a spreadsheet of everyones ride times so far for the 2012 toonie ride season! We hope to see more people out for the rest of the summer toonie rides!!


  Ride 1 Ride 2 Ride 1 Ride 2
Anthony Evans 49:24 53:06    
Art Van Koey 41:30      
Audrey     1:21:37  
Brendan Ward       1:09:19
Brent Prokop     49:50  
Cameron     1:15:01  
Chris Gordon     1:11:01  
Christoph Zuppringer 51:03 53:38 49:51 49:12
Chuck Samson 55:18      
Corey Tout     1:18:30  
Darin Caruso 47:57     45:08
Darren Straegger 50:21     53:47
Dave Spigelman     1:05:27  
David Hohner     55:43  
Dianna Stone     1:36:40  
Dimitri Kazmin 55:37 54:31 55:27 58:50
Doug Dykman 1:01:00      
Dubs 54:26      
Gary Greg 54:56 53:27    
Gary Wade     43:50 42:44
Heather Letkeman     1:21:34  
Jackie Coward     49:30  
Jaegan Smith     51:00  
Jake Spigelman     1:05:19  
James Roffel 46:30      
Janice Markewicz     1:13:01  
Jason Bachman   41:49 40:59 40:57
Jason Bellitzky     1:04:00  
Jason Stebbings 48:00   47:18 47:28
Jeff Blair     43:00  
Jeff Sherstabitoff     41:20  
Jeff Zeitz 57:18      
Jen Schulz     48:20  
Jesse VanOuene     45:57  
Jesse Weinkeicz 50:36      
Jodie Cochrane 1:22:00   1:15:00  
Joe Wessel 49:00 43:57 46:34  
John Sader     50:17 49:56
Johnny Cote 49:09 55:16 58:12 66:50
Johnny Lyons   54:44 35:35 50:40
Karen Ellis     1:11:38  
Katie Pointer 53:50 1:11:14 1:00:10  
Kerri Kallen     1:09:37  
Kevin Holroyd   1:07:28 1:05:30 1:08:13
Kitty Lankhorst     1:29:20  
Kyle Stafford     46:57  
Lahrs       43:14
Lance Carrol 50:29 51:27 52:06 56:11
Laura     1:36:40  
Linda Sabourim     1:05:30  
Lisa Mcrea     1:36:40  
Liz Sage     1:14:50  
Lyndsey Smith 1:13:00      
Manuel Zuppringer 43:40 43:17 43:50 43:36
Mark Elliot     1:03:20  
Mark Wespi 1:42:00 1:27:00    
Martin Stewart 40:43 58:24    
Marty Tymm     1:07:45  
Matt Belleau 52:16      
Matt Jewell 1:41:00 1:25:37    
Mike Checkley       47:36
Mike Clarke 50:37      
Paul Elliott     1:11:04  
Pip (Phil)     44:13 47:14
Ryan Tyler     42:37  
Sarah McMillan   55:42    
Scott Harrhy     48:34  
Seth Cowie 41:45   40:14  
Stacey Smith   44:49 45:21 45:11
Stephen Ushy     41:22  
Steve Funk 101:13 1:02:11 1:00:57 1:06:12
Swayze 47:30   49:32  
Tanya Rutherford     1:29:20  
Tara Mylnes 1:24:15   1:21:18  
Tracey Graf     1:13:01  
Wendy     1:20:20  




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