AGM Recap

For those of you who were unable to attend our 2014 AGM which was held in the first week of February we would like to briefly recap the happenings so you all of our membership and the public can be in the know!

The following presentations were made at the AGM:

  • Barb Davidson and Amy Nyhof from the City of Kelowna presented the updated plans for the continued redevelopment of the mountain bike trail network on Knox Mountain.
  • Ryan Elphick from BC Parks conducted a presentation on the planning and decision making processes used within the BC Parks system and how this effects what volunteer organizations like ours can do within a BC Park.
  • Jay Darby our 2013 outgoing Secretary/Chairperson presented a review of MTBco’s 2013 activities and the 2013 boards proposed plans for 2014.

Highlights from the MTBco 2013 in review presentation:

In 2013 MTBco had a very successful year in regards to the events portion of our activities. We continued our popular toonie ride series but added Crawford (Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park) as a new location. The shop hosts were very supportive of the toonie ride series as they always are, we are very grateful for their financial contributions and sweat equity! We also held our second annual Crawford Kickoff and it went off spectacularly with an updated poker ride and wicked BBQ. Our membership remained stable and we saw a lot of new faces out at events and on trails days.

In regards to the bike park, concerted efforts were made to more actively engage the community in the continuation of efforts to increase the appeal of the park to a broader audience. The bike park is still a work in progress and we would encourage anyone with ideas to come forward and contribute.

For trail days in 2013 we continued our revitalization of hillbilly in crawford. We conducted four successful trail days and the sections of trail we worked on came out looking amazing and added some bits of flow of the trail. We also created ride-arounds for a few of the more technical areas making this wonderful piece of single track accessible to a slightly broader number of cyclists.

In 2013 we also continued to be active in our role as the advocacy group for mountain bikers by helping plan and promote appropriate trail development and ensuring mountain bikers have a voice at the table in regards to the City of Kelowna and the RDCO parks systems. We were invited to consult on Phase 2 of the Knox Mountain redevelopment plan and in conjunction with planners from the city we were able to conduct multiple site visits to provide important insight into proper trail construction to ensure work that is done and trails that are constructed will be fun and exciting.

That’s about it for the recap, we will be letting everyone in on our plans for 2014 as soon as we have sorted out a couple dates and details. As always we will be running our toonie ride series and the crawford kick-off will be happening once again. The season ender sender will also return but perhaps with a twist!

The 2014 meeting minutes and a copy of the slideshow are accessible through the MTBCO tab in the website menu (look up!)


Jay Darby

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