Random Trail Clearing

Let me start off by saying it was a gorgeous day today!  December 1st and the sun was out, and the temperatures mild; an excellent day for a ride – and some trail clearing.

After a night ride with a couple of friends last Wednesday, we found there were quite a few trees down; a couple on Crawford Trail, many on Astrid and many more on Hillbilly.  We couldn’t move them all during our ride, (in fact, I don’t think I bothered to move any), so I decided to take advantage of the nice day today and work off a few extra calories that I know I’m going to add during the upcoming Holiday Season.  I packed the saw and rode up with our youngest dog Porthos.

After a tough climb up (mostly due to the ground being soft from the mild day) Astrid had a fair number of trees down.  It felt like every time I packed the saw back in my pack…more trees!

Hillbilly ended up with the most trees and I was too busy working away to bother taking any photos here.  There were many trees down, and while I was at it I cut back a few of the old cuts that were really close the the trail.  I managed to cut down a few pedal-catching stumps too!

As a side note, that ride-around that Andrew cut in on the last trail day to get around the technical rock section is sweet!  I usually ride the tech sections, but decided to try out this line and it is fun.  The bypass lower down to get around the swampy area that we put in that same day flows really well with the trail too.

Back on topic.  After finishing Hillbilly, I headed over to Boris as I knew there were two or three trees that had fallen in the last month.  Well, someone beat me to it and cleared those trees.  Thank-you, whomever you are!  I decided that since my chain was a little dull by this point, I gave it a quick sharpen and attacked some of the shrubs that whip you as you ride through.  Here’s what a small section looked like part way through the work:

And then after:

Although I didn’t finish, mostly because I started getting tired and hungry, it’s looking much better.  The trimming I did back in the spring lower down on Boris is still holding for the most part, but it is starting to grow back in.

On the way down, I got caught up in the moment, and still getting used to riding a fully-rigid bike with big tires, I got a little too zesty and ended up bouncing and crashing into some shrubs and small trees.  I saved it, mostly, but sadly, well, as we know the first scratch is the hardest to take:

– Geoff

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