Hillbilly Trail Day (October 2012)

It was a successful day even though only 4 of us were present.  Andrew (MTBco), Geoff (MTBco), Ken (Foss), and Ryan McKenna.

Ryan and Geoff hiked up and cut in a bypass around the swamp area (bottom of upper hillbilly) so hopefully in the spring we don’t have to walk around the mud.

Andrew worked on cleaning up upper hillbilly, creating an easy-out ride around for the technical rock section.

Ken rode his bike up towing the brush cutter and other tools; he was going to do “what needs to be done”.  I’ll update this post once I learn more about his day.

[UPDATE] : I just heard from Andrew that he went up to Hillbilly on Monday and worked until dark.  He cleared and brushed from the top to where it meets Race Classic as well as the connector trail leading to Pink Highway.  The ride around for the tech section is almost done.


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