AGM Follow Up

Hello Everyone,

The MTBco AGM was last Wednesday, and in case you missed it we’ve decided to write up a quick memo to let you know what happened. So without further delay I’ll dive right into it.

Last year was a struggle for us, plain and simple. Our board was made up of almost entirely first timers, and we lost lots of great volunteers due to a lack of direction. No one is to blame; it just worked out that way. Some good did come out of last year however; all of the executives that survived it are sticking around for another year. So our executives look like this

      President – Brian McClelland
      Vice President – Geoff Jukema
      Secretary – Jay Darby
      Treasurer/Membership director – Andrew Mcintosh
      Trail Development Director – Jeff Rempel
      Bike Park Director – Eric Rosswell
      Toonie Ride Director – Shelia Gariepy

We’ve also found some very keen volunteers who want to do everything from trail digging, to marketing and grant writing. These people are really going to help take some of the weight off our shoulders and help us get more done this year.

These people are:

      Becky Olson
      Mike Crown
      Mike Whittaker
      Brad and Ally Steele
      Kristin Mckeown
      Louis-Phillippe Lavoie
      James Roffel
      Jon Matlock

So a HUGE thanks to these fine folks for volunteering to help out too!

The meeting took over two hours, and there was lots of passionate discussion. We covered everything from Powers Creek, to Crawford and everything in between. Our inability to generate membership from riders came up, as well as the reasons for buying a membership. Personally I think membership is important and here is why.

By being a member you show your support for local trail networks, the MTBco’s initiatives, and you help us create a better mountain biking community. I’m not trying to brag however without our efforts there wouldn’t be a bike park, or a designated mountain bike only trail network in Knox Mountain, or any sort of organization to represent your local trails at countless strategic meetings with the District of West Kelowna, the City of Kelowna, or other various levels of government.

If that isn’t reason enough being a member gets you 10% at your local bike shops, a discount on beer at Tree Brewing, and access to other fun events (event list will be out soon)

Our lack of marketing came up as an issue for us as well. I can tell you this we have several volunteers who want to do some marketing for us! So that’s exciting because it was an area that we really lacked in last year. The more awareness we create the more successful we can be in the future.

I would like to personally thank everyone who made it out to the AGM, everyone was passionate and everyone wants us to do more. This should be a great year for us, and I’m looking forward to it. If you want to get involved email me ([email protected]) and if you want to buy a membership go to See you on the trails!



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