Final Toonie Ride – 2010


Record turnout...40 riders!

The final Toonie of the season, and a lot of firsts went down.  Another attendance record, with 40 riders coming out.  Our first real women’s field with 6 ladies out, so we’re actually listing their results separately.  And also the first DNF with Stephen Ushy finding the limits of his 29’r on the loose dirt of Smith Creek.

Once again, with shorter days we ran the shorter course. Except for four guys from Kelowna who rode the long course anyway, just cause they could.  Meanwhile, Aeron and Anthony blew off the usual ride to go and hit some sweet jumps, and Pip Akins ran the course with daughter Eloise in the stroller.  Decent time, too.

HUGE thanks to Mike Smolak for making this happen, and also to all the bike shops that came out and cooked up some tasty treats for all the riders.  We’ll definitely be doing this again next year, and we’ll be making a few adjustments too, so if you have any suggestions, just send them to [email protected].

Race #9

1 Aart Van Koy Peachland Bike Barn 0:27:44 M
2 Shaun Bergen Kelowna Cyclepath 0:28:39 M
3 Ian Crosthwaite Kelowna Fresh Air 0:29:22 M
4 Manuel Zuppiger Winfield Lake Country Cycle 0:29:40 M
5 Jason Backman Kelowna 0:29:56 M
6 Allan Scott Kelowna Fresh Air 0:32:25 M
7 Kirk Vandenweghe Penticton 0:33:04 M
8 Jonathon Cote Kelowna 0:33:30 M
9 Matt Cameron Penticton Bike Barn 0:33:50 M
10 Phil Clerum Kelowna Chainline 0:34:06 M
11 Darrin Caruso Kelowna Chainline 0:34:24 M
12 Christophe Zuppiger Winfield Lake Country Cycle 0:34:59 M
13 Will Pratt Penticton Bike Barn 0:35:06 M
14 Peter Tonkin Kelowna Union Cycle 0:36:20 M
15 Lance Carroll Kelowna 0:37:29 M
16 Steve Colk Kelowna Union Cycle 0:37:30 M
17 Dave Bishop West Kelowna 0:40:01 M
18 Evan Guthrie Peachland Bike Barn/Rocky Mtn. 0:40:06 M
19 George Oake Kelowna 0:41:30 M
20 Kevin Holyrood West Kelowna 0:42:50 M
21 John Paterson Kelowna 0:44:53 M
22 Nathan Ward West Kelowna 0:47:13 M
23 Pip Akins West Kelowna 0:48:33 M**
24 Steve Funk West Kelowna 0:49:15 M
25 Perry Maxfield West Kelowna 0:49:20 M
26 Peter G 0:49:53 M
27 Anthony Evans Peachland Outbound Did jumps M
28 Aeron Learmonth West Kelowna Outbound Did jumps M
29 Stephen Ushy Kelowna Fresh Air DNF M
*Long course
1 Mike Cambridge Kelowna Kelowna Cycle 0:48:07 M*
2 Thad Combs Kelowna Kelowna Cycle 0:53:40 M*
3 Simon Ferguson Kelowna Kelowna Cycle 0:56:16 M*
4 Jim Ruff Kelowna Kelowna Cycle n/a M*


1 Annie Bergen Kelowna Cyclepath 0:35:12 W
2 Lucy Reiss Kelowna 0:40:14 W
3 Kari Kallen West Kelowna 0:44:57 W
4 Eloise Akins West Kelowna 0:48:32 W**
5 Barb Haley Peachland Bush Pilot 0:52:50 W
6 Sheila Gariepy Kelowna 1:01:56 W
7 Steph Pascuzzo West Kelowna 1:01:57 W

You know it's a real race when you gotta jump start a truck at the end. That's what happens when your bike is worth more than your car...


Not only lots of riders, but most of the local shops came out to support as well.


The overall rankings were determined by giving the first 5 places points, where 1st place got 5 points and 5th place got 1.  Got it?

So here ya go…

Men’s Overall

1 Aart Van Kooy 39
2 Evan Guthrie 25
3 Manuel Zuppiger 19
4 Gary Wade 12
5 Shaun Bergen 12
6 Ian Crosthwaite 6
7 Ron Ellis 4
8 Pip Akins 3
9 Anthony Evans 2
10 Chris McKillican 2
11 Joe Wessel 2
12 Matt Cameron 2
13 Stephen Ushy 2
14 Bryan Anderson 1
15 Jason Backman 1
16 Jason Stebbings 1
17 Mike Wyman 1
18 Shane Jensen 1

Women’s Overall

1 Annie Bergen 15
2 Kari Kallen 13
3 Barb Haley 11
4 Sheila Gariepy 10
5 Lucy Reiss 4
6 Eloise Akins 2

Jr. Men’s Overall

1 Nathan Holyrood 10
2 Jessee Diduck 5

You can check out the full season here:

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